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Interior and Exterior Renovations

Weatherproofing and sealing properties

Quick rebuild and remedial construction

Interior and Exterior Renovations Tauranga

With years of experience working on all aspects of project management and home renovations, we are confident that we can do the job -- small, medium, or large. With some of the best workmanship guarantees and a team dedicated to reliability and honest work, here are some of the renovations and alterations we offer. Ready for a change in the way your building looks? Need it to accommodate a different kind of space, such as combining rooms or making it more accessible?
Not too sure about the council and construction requirements of your renovation? No matter what the current architecture or risk matrix, we're ready to take on the challenge. We can upgrade the quality of your house and make specific or general improvements - whether it is for your enjoyment or to increase the value of your property before sale.


We have experience in large and small renovations that include:

  • Interior renovations
  • Adding multi storeys to the house
  • Building granny flats
  • Interior additions
  • Recladding

If you’re¬†interested in expanding your property, we can walk through all of your options and provide you with a realistic quote that we’ll stick with.

Weatherproofing & Remedial Construction


New Zealand climates can make our homes vulnerable. We can weatherproof and seal properties to make the materials last longer, and reduce your risks of losing your valuables.

Remedial Construction

Have any major damage that is of immediate concern? Our team can rebuild and remedy areas within your house quickly and with high quality.

From renovations to additions, remedial, landscaping, and pretty much everything in between, give us a call to discuss how we can improve your property.

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